Administrative Law

Keeping your business within regulatory boundaries requires expertise, and that is an area we specialize in. With vast experience in the complexities of administrative law, we are well equipped to help you navigate today’s regulatory environment.

Our Administrative Law Services

Our administrative law expertise allows us to guide you through regulatory processes, compliance, and government relations seamlessly. We understand that compliance is vital to your business's success, and our experts excel in providing strategic solutions to help you meet regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Compliance Assessments

Thorough evaluations of your business operations to identify and address potential regulatory compliance issues.

Licensing and Permitting Support

Guidance and representation in obtaining necessary licenses and permits to operate within regulatory frameworks.

Administrative Hearings Representation

Legal representation during administrative hearings, ensuring your interests are protected.

Regulatory Enforcement Defense

Expert defense against regulatory enforcement actions, minimizing legal and financial risks.

Government Relations Strategies

Customized strategies to engage with government entities and advocate for policies that benefit your business.

Administrative Appeals Support

Assistance in appealing adverse administrative decisions, working to achieve favorable outcomes.

Work With Neuman Thompson

We specialize in legal matters and strategic advice for employers. If you are looking to get in touch, or just want to learn more, you can reach out to us for more information at any time.

Practice Areas

Neuman Thompson specializes in all matters related to employment and labour. From strategic advice to litigation services to collective bargaining and everything in between.

Employment Law

Counsel and advice throughout your employees’ entire journey, including:

  • Hiring
  • Employee performance and management
  • Attendance, discipline, and termination
  • Compensation, pensions, and benefits
  • Occupational health and safety (OHS) matters
  • Representing employers in claims by employees and former employees

Labour Relations

We provide strategic insight when dealing with unions and can guide you through:

  • Structuring your business to achieve labour relations goals
  • Bargaining, disputes, strikes, and lockouts
  • Urgent cease and desist, injunction and contempt applications to respond to unlawful strikes, and unlawful picketing activities
  • Advocating in grievance and arbitration processes and before other administrative tribunals.

Collective Bargaining

Our lawyers work closely with clients to develop and implement effective negotiation strategies for every stage of the bargaining process.

  • Collective agreement interpretation
  • Contract drafting
  • Leading or supporting during negotiations
  • Representation at interest arbitration and mediation

Human Rights

Our services are precisely tailored to address the specific requirements of employers where human rights are concerned, including:

  • Proactive strategies to mitigate risk
  • Investigations
  • Advocacy before human rights commissions / tribunals