Relaunch? Terminations? Maybe Both?

With the Government of Alberta having announced its multi-phase strategy to relaunch the economy some businesses have reopened their doors. Some have not but anticipate doing so as Alberta enters the next phase of relaunch.  Certainly, as the situation evolves, more will businesses will relaunch.  Businesses that are relaunching must consider how to manage the return to work, and how to deal with those who refuse to work following a recall.  However, some businesses may not reopen. Others  may have concluded that going forward they will not need the same number of employees as before the COVID-19 pandemic. Those businesses may be grappling with the decision to permanently terminate some or even all of their employees. 
There are a number of issues requiring consideration to maximize chances of a relaunch free of employment related disputes.  For those who are not reopening, or who will be permanently reducing staff,  the  termination of any employee is always a serious decision requiring consideration of a number of factors. The pandemic has added to the list of factors to be considered reducing staff.  
Both relaunch and termination issues were addressed in our May 21st Webinar: Relaunching your Business.   A recording of the full Webinar is available for free via our website.  The first 30  minutes address relaunch issues including work refusals. The last 30 minutes address termination.   

However the Pandemic has affected your business, our experienced legal team is happy to work with your business to craft a tailored solution to suit your business's legal needs.

The information in this update is intended as general information and should not relied on as legal advice.